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Two critical data challenges and how to overcome them

We are living in an increasingly complex and competitive world. The challenges that complexity poses are daunting for most organisations, yet this complexity and continual change brings forth opportunities to be exploited. The firms who are innovative and who understand and recognise their distinctive capabilities are the firms that are most likely to win. Embracing new ways of thinking is no more path breaking; it is a simple necessity.  
Success is an outcome of a firm noticing its competitive advantage and relating it to the market it operates in.
Competitive advantage is an outcome of the firm building on its distinctive capabilities. In the modern context of continual change and complexity, building on distinctive capabilities is a continual process. Change never sleeps.
Technology is an enabler for the business; it can strengthen or even transform a firm’s capabilities, drive down costs, create operational efficiencies, help raise productivity, improve information flows. Accurate and timely information can make a critical difference to the business in its ongoing battles to build and gain competitive advantage. Therein lies the key, the validity of strategic business decisions relies on the accuracy and timely availability of information.

Success Story: TimeXtender Helps Steel Manufacturer with Data Warehousing and Qlik Business Intelligence

When Belgian steel manufacturer Intersig N.V. wanted to create a customer centric reporting platform guaranteeing quality and service, the company reached out to TimeXtender.

Data is a Corporate Asset

Data is a corporate asset. Yes, this is a much-bandied about term in modern management spheres. The fact of the matter is the modern business relies heavily on data. Data provides insight into business performance, operational efficiencies, as well as strategic direction. If utilised properly, it plays a pivotal role in making strategic and operational decisions.

TimeXtender CEO Speaks at Qlik Partner Consulting Days; Several Training Events Scheduled in Near Future

TimeXtender CEO Heine Krog Iversen was a featured speaker at the Qlik Partner Consulting Days, a two-day training program, last week in Germany.

Democracy Celebrated Across America; Corporate World this July

July 4th marked the annual celebration across America of the country’s independence; a movement that helped establish America as a beacon of hope for freedom and democracy. For more than 200 years, people across the nation have enjoyed a festive holiday filled with gatherings, parades, and fireworks.