In the manufacturing industry, the path from product idea to completed product and subsequent sales is often long. You need to design and develop the product, procure materials from subcontractors, produce the parts and get the product assembled, tested and delivered or installed. A multitude of economic, mechanic and human factors come into play during the process, producing vast amounts of data.

To get an overview, you need to combine information from many different sources with complex relationships. This can overpower Excel-wielding executives in no time if they try to get it all done manually.

TimeXtender works with companies across a multitude of vertical industries, and has helped numerous manufacturing companies conquer their data to help them get the trustworthy information needed; allowing business users to get the right numbers at the right time. Manufacturing executives are empowered to get a complete overview from raw material to final products in real time with real numbers -- or what we call “democratizing access to corporate data.”

Just as automation saved production companies time and money and improved quality over the last 200 years, Data Warehouse Automation (DWA), automates error-prone manual workflows and give you a better overview much faster.

As one example, consider this success story about how TimeXtender’s DWA platform helped Universal Robots or watch here on YouTube.