Do you dream of having access to your numbers ALWAYS?

Imagine being able to update your cubes when it suits you (and without shutting down all work in the finance department).

This IS possible!

With Offline Cube Processing for TimeXtender’s Data Warehouse Automation Platform the cubes can be updated throughout the business day with no impact to end users. During the processing of the cube the users will still have access to the original version of the cube, which is then replaced with the new version of the cube once processing has been completed.

Are you interested in knowing what others say about Offline Cube Processing?

Here’s what Martin Krogh Nielsen, Business analyst at Wrist Ship Supply, has to say about how Offline Cube Processing for their TimeXtender Data Warehouse Automation Platform has helped them overcome one of the major pains of their large worldwide organization:

At Wrist Ship Supply we need to dig through each transaction to identify where we are okay and where we need to improve. To do this we use OLAP cubes.

However, the large amounts of data meant that the OLAP processing took too long, and it resulted in inconvenient and expensive system downtime. Data was actually inaccessible for longer periods of time.

Something had to be done. We have offices from Oakland, California to Singapore, and it is crucial that data is available when the users need it.

Using the Offline Cube Processing feature of the DWA Platform from TimeXtender, we have reduced the OLAP processing time considerably, and we can process the data cubes several times a day. We have practically no downtime anymore and the end-user experience has improved greatly.

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