Every year Inside Analysis highlights 10 companies and technologies to watch. This year, TimeXtender's Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) platform is one of them.

Here's what it takes to make the list:

Naturally, we tend to choose companies and technologies that are distinctive, innovative and align with what we consider to be the direction of the IT industry”. - Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst and Co-founder, The Bloor Group

And here’s why The Bloor Group have highlighted TimeXtender as one of the 10 companies and technologies to watch: 

We have long been fans of WhereScape, a data warehouse automation (DWA) company. TimeXtender offers the same kind of capability: modeling, building and maintaining data warehouses.

You might expect, then, that the two companies would be toe-to-toe in the market, desperately fighting it out. However, this is not at all the case, simply because they target different database platforms.

TimeXtender focuses entirely on Microsoft SQL Server, and as far as we can tell, it has little competition. In fact its main competition is the in-house SQL Server team, and they don’t quite explore data warehouse automation.

As you would expect, TimeXtender’s TX2014 product works seamlessly with Visual Studio and all the associated Microsoft tools.

The bottom line is that it dramatically reduces the time to build a data warehouse. 

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