Too good to be true? Our customers can testify that the benefits of Data Warehouse Automation are anything but myths.

1. TX DWA Platform cannot do the same as hand coded ETL and Data Warehousing

The facts: TX DWA builds data warehouses, extracts, transforms and loads data at least 5 times faster than similar hand coded solutions.

“The DWA Platform’s graphic user interface allows us to construct an end-to-end BI solution using a minimum of code. You can safely say that a data warehouse is auto-generated by TimeXtender, and not developed”.

Rudi Andries, BI Project Leader, Mensura. Read full case story...

 2. It’s not possible to deliver quality Business Intelligence solutions that fast

The facts: Some IT-consultancies focus on selling hours. Some don’t… TimeXtender and TimeXtender implementation partners focus on helping as many businesses as possible in the shortest amount of time.

“With TimeXtender we started validating the first reports three weeks after we begun the implementation. If we had decided to write the code ourselves, we would have needed an SQL-expert, and it would have taken a lot longer”.

Arne Christensen, CTO, Finn-Tack. Read full case story...

3. It’s too complicated to learn

The facts: TX DWA users build and maintain their own BI solution (IT staff and controllers) and use their extra time on more important tasks. Unless, of course, it's a strategic decision to outsource – without the headaches and expenses of maintaining an extensive IT department.

“There is no need for a programmer with years of education and expertise. In fact, almost anyone can put together his or her own BI-reports after only a few days of training.”

Arne Christensen, CTO, Finn-Tack. Read full case story

4. TX DWA only works with Microsoft Dynamics - not SAP R/3

The facts: With the TX DWA Platform you can extract mass data from SAP. TX DWA comes with an adapter specially designed for SAP R/3 to ensure optimum performance, stability and ease of use.

“In six weeks tTimeXtender has accomplished what others have tried to do in six month with SAP Business Warehouse.”

Jesper Daugaard, Marketing Director, Secop. Read full case story...

 5. It’s too good to be true!

The facts: The facts speak for themselves: TimeXtender has more than 2600 businesses around the world that benefit from TimeXtender's Data Warehouse Automation software every day.

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