As a marketer you are constantly working on the promotion of your company or product. Loading your brand with a unique added value. All with the purpose to generate leads, convert them to customers, and ultimately use them as ambassadors for your brand. Extensive brainstorms, meetings and plans to target the market with your brand. And high MARCOM budgets to generate as many and optimal communication moments with your target group as possible.

Sometimes, however, help comes from an unexpected angle. One that does not involve high budgets, lengthy meetings or extensive plans. Free publicity, incidentally partly the result of years of investment in your branding, but even more based on the unique intrinsic value of your product. For which product development in particular deserves credit!

See below the interview with one of the new employees of our partner Winvision. A brand cannot wish for better ambassadors than that.

This interview originally appeared (in Dutch) on the Winvision blog.

Jan Willem Küper, new at Winvision, is a specialist in the field of BI (Business Intelligence). Previously, he worked for 8 years as a Senior Consultant and Manager Consultancy at Pink Elephant Business Intelligence, which was renamed 2Foqus on January 1st of this year.

In his previous job, Jan Willem worked two days a week at the office in Breda and one day at home. "I spent the rest of my working days with customers somewhere in the Netherlands. I really wanted those two days at the office, I think it is a very important way to keep in touch with the organization where you work. But at a certain point the travel to the office became too much. Every day between 2 and 3 hours one way; that was no longer possible. "

Keep working with TimeXtender
With a heavy heart - "it was a nice company and I had nice colleagues around me" - Jan Willem canceled his contract to look for another employer. "What weighed heavily was that I wanted to continue with TimeXtender [the data management platform with which Winvision works a lot; ed.]. I am very enthusiastic about that product, what you can do with it and what it can offer a company. It is powerful software, used to set up a flexible data management platform based on Microsoft technology. "

Immediate projects
What Jan Willem also found important in his search for a new job was that he wanted to work for a real Microsoft partner. "Because of the combination of TimeXtender and Microsoft, I ended up at Winvision. The first conversation was by phone, the conversations were then all via Teams. From conversation one I had a good feeling. They are people who present themselves well and immediately look at possibilities. This is how I ended up on the BeSense * project and also have two projects that I work on as a Business Intelligence Consultant.

The BeSense project is great, innovative use of Microsoft Azure services, because that is what I want to do more of. This project uses, among others, Azure Digital Twins. It is also nice to have a project in this weird coronavirus time that I can dive into. That gives a lot of energy. "

Not in the office - yet
Until now, Jan Willem has not spent much time at the office due to the distancing measures. "On my first working day, my wife dropped me off in Hengelo so that I could pick up my car. Then I drove to the office in Vianen, where I was stationed. There I met the manager and the scrum master of the BeSense project. During the first two weeks, I mainly read about the project at home. In addition, there is a stand-up meeting via Teams twice a day. If I have questions or want to spar, I can use Teams and other means. I always go to the scrum master or to the buddy that I have been assigned. I also have had several online conversations with customers. Today I happen to be at the office in Hengelo again, for an onboarding session."

* BeSense is a smart sensor system for more efficient, healthier and cleaner building management.

This interview originally appeared (in Dutch) on the Winvision blog.