In a few months, I can celebrate my 9-year work anniversary at TimeXtender.

It has been a great journey and I have seen the people come and go – but more interesting – I have seen our product evolve!

On the 1st of August 2006 two important things happened in my life:

  • I had my first day as an employee of TimeXtender
  • Version 1.2.3 of the TimeXtender™ Data Manager was released

We did not have a lot of customers waiting for release 1.2.3 – in fact we did not have any real customers at that point. What we had – besides from release 1.2.3 - was some very good ideas and intentions, some bright minds and a lot of enthusiasm.

Today, when we release a new version of our product we have more than 100 partners and more than 2700 customers that are waiting to get their hands on the latest fixes and features. I feel that we still have very good ideas and intentions, some bright minds and we have kept our enthusiasm!


I tried to install TimeXtender Data Manager 1.2.3 and spent a few moments clicking around. Here is a list of some of the observations that I did:

  • No Repository! In Release 1.2.3 the project was stored in the filesystem. Today, all projects are stored in a SQL Server database called the repository and you have version control, rollback, import / export functionalities.
  • No Staging Area! Data was loaded directly from the source(s) to the Data Warehouse Database

  • No Custom Fields or lookups! You had to handle those in either the Views or Data Mappings
  • Only 3 data sources supported: SQL Server, Oracle and Excel
  • The right click menu on a table only contained a few options:


  • The SSAS Cube features was quite limited – no Actions, Perspectives, Many-to-many, Offline Cube Processing, Translations, Security etc.
  • No Deployment! Every object was deployed as part of the execution, hence no support for incremental load, history for Slowly Changing dimensions etc.

Even though the product lacked a lot of the features and functionality that we can not live without today – it was still very usable and the fact that I can recognize a lot of release 1.2.3 in the current version of TX2014 comforts me!