(Pleading for more focus on BI-Usage)

Whether we like it or not, in any Business Intelligence (BI) or Analytics endeavor, separate processes tend to kick in. Either we are aware of these processes and take them into account, or we are not.

(Alternatively, we may be aware of the processes but choose to take into account just a few of them)

When providing Decision Support Capabilities & implementing Business Intelligence or analytics, we usually consider the what, how and why process drivers. What should we implement, how are we going to create it and why should it be useful to the people we are creating this for.

These processes can be framed round three simple questions:

1. BI-thinking: what could be the best thing for us to measure?

Which KPI's should we track, how should they be displayed, who will need to be involved,
how will we integrated existing reporting elements, ... and so on

2. BI-building: how are we going to make sure things get deployed?

How will we be able to deploy accurate and fast, how will we evolve the BI system, which elements will need to integrate,
how can we automate the Data Warehouse, what about using Big Data?

Many Decision support or BI systems revolve round answering these two questions.
This tends to be the starting point of a cycle:


I find that in many systems, a third question, the one about BI-usage is often neglected.

3. BI-usage: is the stuff we have built being put to use?

Who is using all of this, when do they use it, how many times, why do they use it,
what could make the next thing we deliver more useful?

There will be more value in a simple Excel report (containing pretty basic information) used on a daily basis by many,
than a nice looking intricate, well-built, well-thought of Dashboard and KPI system, being used by management alone.