The world is awash with talk of automation.  From the pervasiveness and ubiquity of algorithms to the advances in robotics, companies are finding new ways to create accelerated and error-free processes, often by the judicious use of vast oceans of data coupled with “data-driven” methods of acting on this data. 

In some conceptions, this “rise” of automation is very much about replacing humans (and therefore “cost”) from the equation of business.  While there is much to be concerned about here, there is another angle that is not as cynical and is likely behind much of the “automation” we find in the world of software.

Extracting wisdom from data

Take for instance the notion we at TimeXtender have bet our business on: Data Warehouse Automation (DWA). What this means, essentially, is that we have created a quick, agile, and scalable way of helping business users access the right information in the right format at the right time.  Automation in this case means reducing the time it takes to extract wisdom from data. 

It goes further too.  Automation also means the ability to ensure that views of historical data are “error-free” and not only as strong as the strength of the weakest data source. 

Put differently, in this case automation is all about ease, accessibility, and helping people spend time on more meaningful work. DWA is therefore about liberating the human not constraining him or her.

Universal Robots - growing with DWA

Take our customer Universal Robots - a Danish company in the robotic industry. Even though the robots have taken over menial and hard labor tasks, no employee have been replaced or laid off. Quite the opposite in fact!
The company was recently sold in a million dollar trade to US company Teradyne this year.
During this sales process the TX DWA platform ensured a quick and efficient access to critital data. 
Read how UR manages rapid growth with the help of automating software

I’d love TX customers, partners, friends and well-wishers to tell me whether you agree or disagree with my view. Please let us know!