The world is awash not only in big data but also in talk about it. For the last decade or so, big data has taken center stage as the most important focus for organizations world-wide, as they seek to monetize non-material assets and find ways to connect the dots in unique and actionable ways. Big data has found expression in a variety of fields; no doubt, some progress has been made, and much remains to be done.

Putting not-so-big data front and center in 2017

As with all such trends, however, the flashing lights and noise and the pomp and circumstance at times dim and even silence other (perhaps equally important) areas of focus. One of these areas is corporate data, which refers to - put simply - the data organizations already have, that they aren’t using even close to optimally.

Execution rather than intent

For most organizations, intent is not the issue. With the idea of data being so prevalent, almost all organizations have some sort of data story and data plans. The real issue is not about what makes sense but is instead about what can be done in a way that does not tax the organization out of existence. It’s not about intent but about execution.
Current data infrastructures do not necessarily support the optimal use of corporate data. They underserve the business user and put business teams and the IT organization against each other. They also fail to accommodate the protean nature of data sources. They were well and soundly architected in an era in which the data complexity was a mere fraction of what it is today.

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The limitations of these data infrastructures prevent organizations from realizing the power of corporate data. Added to this is the chimera of big data, which adds salt, the sounds of poor execution.
With all this in mind, what is needed is a truly agile and flexible platform for data infrastructure. Enter Discovery Hub®.
The Discovery Hub® is a data story that is here and now. There is nothing remotely futuristic here. The construct is alive, well and already in use.
Big data is a powerful story but so is its fraternal twin, corporate data. Discovery Hub® makes this story powerful and imminently executable.