Do you want a low carb data diet or the whole data enchilada?  Is your system ready to digest the data buffet or are you “eating light?”  Are you chewing the data enough?  Are you getting enough data protein and avoiding the data sugar?

Okay, cheesy analogy but you get the point.  We have fundamental choices to make in our organization about the degree to which we run the business by ingesting data, processing it, and then using it to power the business or the degree to which we ignore data because our “systems” are not ready. 

At TimeXtender, our take is perhaps bold but is the only one we believe befits the modern era—we believe that the more data the better, the more data sources the better, and that companies have to make the right investments in automation and data infrastructure now in order to get the most from the data buffet that exists now and will continue to.   We built the company on the power of data and its incredible ability to offer clarity and agility to business users and therefore businesses in general. 

The data buffet is here to stay.  The increase in number of salient data sources and the increase in volume of data in each relevant source bode well for the businesses that have system, processes, and culture in place to embrace, understand, and use data in judicious ways.  Inherent to this is the investment in the right flexible and scalable infrastructure in order to accommodate the non-linear growth in data.  Our bet is on Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)- which we believe is the nerve center of the data infrastructure which in turn is the nodal part of the business as a whole.

We have both votaries and naysayers.  While we love those whose beliefs align with ours, we also take the latter segment seriously.  We attempt to convince those in it that the investment they make in data infrastructure and DWA as a whole underscores and emphasizes the data-intensity they need to bring about. 

Which brings me back to the food analogy we began with.  Imagine a world in which you could eat at the buffet but stay lean, healthy, and full of vitality?  That’s the outcome we drive for organizations.

Bon Appetit!