Cultivating and practicing compassion can have a significant impact on your organization and doing business in general. Creating a culture of compassion in the workplace is an evolving topic where many successful companies are focusing their attention today, and rightfully so. Researchers have cited studies that point to the power of a kinder workplace as having profound effects on morale, productivity and, ultimately, the financial bottom line.

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For the holidays, we have gathered a few simple ways for you to practice compassion and kindness in your organization to help boost your relationships and business.   

  • Be kind to yourself. A compassionate workplace starts with you.
  • Connect and get to know your team to create win-wins
  • Be proactive and offer help
  • Encourage collaboration: An environment where everyone collaborates by sharing their ideas and offering creative solutions is one that thrives.
  • Check the motivation behind your decisions, your words, and your behavior: THINK before you act: Is it True, is it Helpful, am Ithe best one to say it, is it Necessary, is it Kind? See how your interactions change.
  • Praise a colleague. Spread daily acts of kindness.
  • Practice mindfulness in business and life.
  • Be an example - compassion is Contagious

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

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We have a gift of compassion to you for the holiday season – a guided meditation that will really help you to reach a state of relaxation whenever you want. And as a bonus it will help you digest the loads of food and holiday parties.

TimeXtender’s mindfulness instructor, Jamie Mathis, will guide  you through the powerful 3-part breath. When you get to know the technique, you can practice it anywhere at any time.



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We wish you and your loved ones compassionate holidays and a happy New Year.



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