“Change is the only constant” is a frequently quoted maxim from Greek philosopher Heraclitus around 500 B.C. And while I expect that all of us believe this to be true in general, it has really hit home the last few weeks as we have witnessed the spread of Coronavirus worldwide. These are challenging times and to support the efforts to stop the spread of the virus, we have closed our offices and are working from home. This is a big change for everyone. But our commitment to our partners, customers and our community has not changed, and we are still working hard to fully support our customers and partners.

Another change: We are moving away from the name “Discovery Hub.”

When we changed the name of our product, DWA (short for Data Warehouse Automation), to Discovery Hub, it was a solution running only on premises and powered by Microsoft SQL Server. Back in those days, Discovery Hub was a complete solution and a term for a specific type of Data Warehouse - competing with similar solutions. As technology has changed rapidly and we see the move to the cloud, our offering has also changed dramatically so that today our automation platform spans multiple database types in the cloud on Microsoft Azure and on-premises on SQL Server.

Instead of “Discovery Hub,” we will simply refer to TimeXtender – both as the name of the company and our product.

We believe that this change will make sense to customers and partners. Many of you already just refer to “TimeXtender” as both company and product. You understand that we are focused on providing the fastest way to build a modern data estate on Microsoft data platforms. As we state in the TimeXtender Core Purpose – “Because time matters, our Core Purpose is to empower every person in every organization on the planet with instant access to data, for any user case they might have. Thus, enabling them to achieve more and make quality decisions with data, mind and heart.”


TimeXtender is committed to delivering maximum value to our customers and partners. With our product, you capture and manage your business logic independent from any other product in your data technology stack – making redeployment to a different database technology fast and easy. You also get all our functionality, for unlimited users, in one place. You don’t have to wonder if there will be additional charges for additional functions, or if a suite of products will work together seamlessly. With TimeXtender you get everything we offer, purpose-built to automate your data management processes. Simply put: TimeXtender is the fastest way to prepare data for analytics and AI.

The name change won’t happen overnight. You’ll still find Discovery Hub on collateral and our website. Over the next few months we will gradually replace web pages and collateral with updates that reflect the new name and clearly explain the value proposition of TimeXtender.