In a recent report "Boost Your Business Insights By Converging Big Data And BI" (March 25, 2015) Forrester recommends that AD&D pros make the journey towards achieving a “single version of the truth” less stressful by supplementing BI and big data platforms and applications with innovative components.

Among others he mentions TimeXtenders Data Warehouse Automation Platform in DW-out-of-the-box

"A few innovative tools can address the integrated metadata quagmire and also help in automating a significant part of building endto-end BI processes and components. Rather than coding data integration, quality, data models, and semantic layers in separate tools, AD&D pros can look to vendors like BIReady, Magnitude Software Kalido, TimeXtender Software, and WhereScape Software to develop and deploy all of the above components from a single integrated development environment (IDE). This approach also works great when you need to build rapid working prototypes and proofs-of-concept."


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