Business leaders focus on value and return

… not necessarily on risk and cost.


Certainly not on Cost of Ownership.

Developing cost-of-ownership, taking into account business parameters is not easy. Predicting which option will be the best tends to be even harder (*) You need to compare previous cost and weigh future (potential) benefit. Maybe run some risk scenario’s. It can be a tricky endeavour, at best.

With regards to calculating advantages vs. cost of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse (Automation), Predictive (*) Finance, …, the minefield of data and analytics is better treaded with caution. Does it serve to calculate these things ahead of time? (*) Business Intelligence seems to be the playing field of IT people, Business Analysts, Databases, accompanied by complex thinking and some weird lingo. Many things get lost in translation, especially budgets.

As Business leader, the one thing you should be able to expect from a Business Intelligence system, is to get questions answered. These questions represent value, and we should be allowed to focus on value.

There may be others in the organisation

... to whom evaluating cost, calculating risks and comparing complex options based on factual ROI/TCO is just a way of life.
Maybe someone like your IT Director, CFO or the Purchasing team Analyst.

Maybe it is ok for Business Leaders only to focus on business value,
for as long as we can depend on others to evaluate cost and risk our behalf

Or, as the saying goes:

"Amazing CEO's and Remarkable Business Analysts, often come in pairs"


(*) Or, as Nils Bohr famously quoted: Prediction is very difficult, especially the future. Although there may be some dispute as to the origin of this quote.

Image credit: Geek & Poke