If you’re curious about Data Warehouse Automation, (DWA), you’re not alone. The quicker you get access to your data, the faster your company can become data-driven. And this means the sooner you can use your data to help you make better business decisions.

Become a data-driven enterprise
One way to speed up the process to becoming a data-driven enterprise is to minimize the time spent on adding new data sources. Another method is to model your data in an easy way, ensuring that you have an agile environment. In addition, Automation plays a major role in speed acceleration when it comes to maintaining your code; for instance, when new sources arrive, when fields need to be added, changed or transformed; and when the solution needs to be documented to ensure proper governance and access controlled via security setup. (And I haven’t even begun to mention GDPR compliance yet!)

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It’s important to understand that automation is much more than just simply benefits for the IT department. A company’s business users benefit as well, as they are granted significantly faster access to corporate business data, in an environment agile enough to add new data sources on an hour-to-hour basis.

Hot topic: Automation at TDWI, Anaheim
Automation, when it comes to data, is a hot topic on the conference circuit as well. John Myers from Enterprise Management Associates is leading an upcoming class at TDWI Anaheim on August 8th titled: “Data Warehouse Automation: Better, Faster, Cheaper… You Can Have It All.” Further, as stated in John’s session overview about his upcoming talk he added: “Data warehouse automation (DWA) is a relatively new class of technology that accelerates warehouse development and change cycles while simultaneously assuring quality and consistency. More than simply generating ETL scripts, DWA automates the entire life cycle from source system analysis to testing and documentation. Productivity gains, cost savings, and quality improvement are all possible with DWA.”

To help explore the business benefits of Automation at much greater length, John has called upon TimeXtender’s Chief Services Officer, Tobias Eld to join his panel discussion. They will cover the following:

  • DWA: From first projects to airborne
  • Best practices in 2017
  • New domains for implementation

The session is designed to shed some light on how automation can help you save time and money. Attendees can expect to learn how resources can be freed from tedious tasks like maintaining handwritten code and how governance and security should become easier tasks to accomplish.

And now circling back to the GDPR part of automation…companies are facing the mandate of being GDPR compliant by May 2018. This makes GDPR a priority-one initiative. Just imagine for a moment, how automated processes can make it so much easier for your Data Protection Officer (DPO). Right to the point -- portions of the GDPR requirements can be taken care of by shear machine power:  automation.

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It will be interesting to hear the panels approach on this topic, if not by themselves, then hopefully audience members will dig into the topic with some interesting questions on how automation can support their journey towards meeting all the specifications demanded from GDPR.