July 4th marked the annual celebration across America of the country’s independence; a movement that helped establish America as a beacon of hope for freedom and democracy. For more than 200 years, people across the nation have enjoyed a festive holiday filled with gatherings, parades, and fireworks.

This July also marks the celebration of another event filled with democracy, liberation, and independence. But this affair is one being felt across the Corporate World: across all business regions and all industries.

We’re talking about TimeXtender’s new offering to empower corporate business users to “Democratize Access to Corporate Data.” This new capability gives business users the ability to get to their corporate data as needed in a self-service fashion, without having to wait for technical assistance from IT.  This autonomy helps end the battle between business and IT, replacing this challenge with a bridge to ease traffic between both parties.

  • Business Users are able to access their data as needed, make changes on the spot, and get answers to their questions when they arise.
  • IT Personnel are able to dramatically reduce their backlog of requests and are freed to work on other projects, often initiatives of bigger scope and requiring greater technical expertise for the organization.

Even more, having this self-service business intelligence environment can now be done while maintaining governance, security, safeguards, and control systems.


With that as a backdrop, TimeXtender hereby introduces the first truly combined platform - covering all disciplines - that is needed for the organization to expose all relevant data to the business in a usable and agile way. 

The Discovery Hub is the magic component in any Data Discovery and Self-Service BI implementation.  Covering end-to-end needs, the Hub enables business while simultaneously liberating IT.  With the Discovery Hub, there is no need for standalone data preparation and data blending, catalog, or data quality tools. That’s the beauty of full automation.

The technology behind the hub is the same as that being used to automate the classic Enterprise Data Warehouse today, but the design of the hub is focused on bridging the business and IT gap, while respecting the business need for data access and simultaneously respecting the need for adherence to IT policy and governance.

Since the hub is built on automation technology, it can be implemented for the needs and at the speed of business.  IT only has to maintain the ODS layer while the business serves itself and takes care of the rest.

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