Illusionist, David Blaine said: “Magic is an art where you use sleight of hand or illusion to create wonder.”  Designer and inventor of the iPod and iPhone, Jonathan Ive said:  “When something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical.”

At TimeXtender, we believe in the magical.  No sleight of hand or illusion required.  Our data management platform is built to empower every person in every organization on the planet with instant access data.  It works and it is magical.  It is called Discovery Hub.

A hands on workshop is the perfect place to experience how magical using Discovery Hub can be.  Our partners in England (Touchstone BI) and the Netherlands (2Foqus, Axians, DDC, Emergo, and MagnaVersum) have a full schedule of workshops planned in the weeks ahead.  Check out the events list on for details.

These workshops are popular and fill up fast. Doing real work with your own hands is the best way to see how Discovery Hub lives up to its promises.

Working directly in Discovery Hub you will connect multiple data sources, create a modern data warehouse, construct a semantic layer, and serve up data to your visualization platform (i.e. Power BI).  You will get real experience building validation rules for handling null values, and testing data quality by validating primary keys and table references.  You will build filters into your business logic based on individual field validations and store the instructions and the results in a metadata layer -- distinct from your underlying databases.

But that is not all!  Next you will add more data sources, create new schemas, and configure incremental data load instructions.  You will learn how to make it easy for your business users to use your data models by creating new object names in the semantic layer.  Then you will see how Discovery Hub automates the execution of these instructions and manages structural dependencies and sequencing while processing batches of instructions simultaneously. Yes, it works.  And it is magical.

You can do all of this before lunch!

Sign up today to experience first hand how Discovery Hub does everything we promise and more.  If you cannot attend the sessions published on our website, contact us and we will bring a workshop to your town or maybe even your office!

Discovery Hub, experience the magical.  No slight of hand required.