We participated in recent Computerworld Denmark event focused on Disruption; our presentation changed the game by suggesting that “Disruption with a Purpose” was actually the main goal of entrepreneurial activity and, further, that Data was at the heart of this new concept.

 It was received well largely, I think, because most business people have read a lot about the “Two Ds”, namely Data and Disruption, but have found little by which they can connect these ideas to their day to day roles.  Unless one is part of the “Data Priesthood” learning how best to ingest, digest, visualize, and act on data is not trivial.  Put differently, Disruption with Purpose requires the Democratization of Data so that anyone in the organization, in any role, can properly wield data—the right data mind you—in the doing of and improvement of his or her job. 

Such ideas animate us.  They help us focus on what the user of data really needs and through this prism, what the “administrator” of data really needs to concentrate on in order to make investments in data infrastructure worthwhile. 

Given the time constraints involved in business decision making we suggest that Disruption with a Purpose also requires a level of automation.  One cannot be halting and deliberate and disruptive at once. 

As people and organization dream about the ways in which they can open new vistas with data, the dreams must lead to the ultimate question- how can we truly get and use the right data in the right context at the right time to improve the organization and to improve our lives. 

We’d like to discuss this with you.  Give us a shout.