Operating as a global company requires a team of people who are aligned and committed to the company’s culture, its core beliefs and purpose. At TimeXtender our core purpose is to inspire to do quality business decisions with data, mind and heart. Because time matters.

We strive to be mindful of ourselves, of each other and of the customers and partners we serve. To put it simply, we are what we give. That is why at TimeXtender, we start every meeting with a moment of silence. A moment to clear our minds and connect with the importance of time and how we choose to spend it.

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The PeopleXtender Day

Each year TimeXtender gathers it X-people for the annual PeopleXtender Day which are in-person events held in Europe and the US. It is a day of strategy and alignment and this year the focus was centered around TimeXtender’s core message: Inspire quality business decisions with data, mind and heart.

We discussed how we connect with the core message and how it impacts the way we interact internally and externally. Here are a few highlights from the event held in Bellevue, WA, USA:

1. We use data to inform our mind but we balance our decision with our heart because we do business with people.

2. This balance of data, mind, and heart allows us to innovate, disrupt, and think laterally – to find the win-win solutions where others might only see obstacles.

3. Our Discovery Hub® software data discovery automation tool enables our partners, customers and ourselves to make decisions grounded by reality and inspired by a vision – it gives us speed-to-secure data so it frees up time and energy to make quality decisions with data, mind and heart.



At our Because Time Matters workshop, one of our teams created this drawing. It illustrates their thoughts regarding their understanding of our company’s core purpose. 


Very much in line with the balance we strive to obtain between our yin (simplify, automate, execute) and our yang (becasue time matters, we engage fully charged), which requires us to take data, mind and heart into account.

In summary: The TimeXtender approach combines data and analysis with judgement, consciousness and intuition to unlock the true potential in all of us!