If an inaugural celebration is any indication of business success, our venture into North America is destined to be BIG! Last week's celebration at the new downtown Bellevue, WA office attracted customers, partners, and business leaders from throughout the region -- all of whom commented on the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm that filled the room. 

Bellevue Mayor, John Stokes, kicked off the event by welcoming TimeXtender and expressed his enthusiasm in having an international technology company setting up headquarters in this fair city.

TimeXtender CEO Heine Krog Iversen told those in attendance that even though conventional wisdom urged setting up headquarters in Silicon Valley or New York, he chose Bellevue because he wanted to chart his own course, rather than follow in the footsteps of others. 

Anne Krog Iversen -- the entrepreneurial spiritual leader of the team, led the group in a moment of silence and explained her philosophy about balancing the yin and yang of business. "Simplify - Automate - Execute - is our mission," she said. "Plugged in we engage fully charged. That is how we go about achieving this goal." 

It's a great message. One that has fueled this innovative company to global success and will no doubt fuel even greater success in the future.