In just a few months, Movex/M3 user Ardo A/S revolutionized their business intelligence set-up with TimeXtender. Hear the full story at the MAF Working Together Conference in Göteborg.

May 26, 2014: Initial presentation

“After just a brief introduction to TimeXtender, it was clear to me that we owed it to ourselves to try out the software. We did not expect TimeXtender’s consultants to be able to do a POC – Proof of Concept – in just one day, but they pulled it off.”

June 16, 2014: Proof of concept

“In one day we had installed TimeXtender, set up connections to our DB2 and SQL databases, transferred data to stage and on to the data warehouse, and created OLAP cubes. With just a few clicks we could retrieve data from several different source systems and combine them in a data warehouse structure, without writing any form of code. This made it even more clear that this was a system we could not afford to be without.”

October 1, 2014: Training

“After completing just a four-day course at TimeXtender, we are now able to create and maintain our data warehouse ourselves via the graphical interface.”

October 9, 2014: Implementation

“I see TimeXtender DWA as a huge breakthrough in data warehousing, equivalent to the advances in word processing. Back in the humble beginnings of the IT age, we had to write code to put text in bold font or italics – now we simply highlight the text and click. Few people think about this advance today. TimeXtender is a modern parallel to the revolution in word processing, which is giving a major boost to the collection and processing of data in a data warehouse. In just a few years, coding a data warehouse will also be unthinkable.”

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Kristian Bonde, CIO Ardo A/S is telling the full story on how Ardo A/S gained  the advantage of at better and faster analysis on March 25, at 11.00 – 12.15

Finans & Ekonomi (in English)

Automated processes creates better and more informed decisions

Food Conglomerate Ardo A/S uses Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) from TimeXtender to dramatically improve data quality, analytics and reporting. The process also reduces time usage, expenses and staff costs, resulting in marked savings on the bottom line.

The conglomerate now has easy access to all data systems. With fast real-time information Ardo A/S can react much faster on market changes and challenges than before DWA.

Kristian Bonde, Ardo A/S and Carl-Gustav von Schimmelmann, TimeXtender

You can also pick up the full case story at our boot in the exhibition area or find it here.