We’ve taken a bit of a break from our blog as we get our new headquarters in Bellevue, WA up, running and humming. Thanks for your patience as we get our act in order and prepare for what we believe is a very promising future.

We officially inaugurate our new dual HQ in Bellevue April 13th.  This gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past and on our evolution from a strong-but-local Danish player in the data space to a truly global company with 2600 customers worldwide, partnerships on 6 continents, and world-class talent.


With the utmost humility, we realize that we’ve been able to, channeling Isaac Newton, stand on the shoulders of giants.  And if we consider what it means to start Danish and become global, then we must salute another scientist - Niels Bohr, perhaps the greatest Dane of the past 100 years, whose work helped us understand the universal atomic structure of matter.

If we can play even a small part in helping organizations conceive of data (and use data) as though it were their most basic, universally understood, unit of economic value then we’ll have succeeded.

We’d love to go on that journey with you.