Self-service. Data Science. Big Data. The more data we create or collect, the more important it becomes to gain valuable insights from it quickly enough to have an impact on your business. Time-to-data therefore lies at the heart of today’s BI & Analytics. This is the time it takes from someone having a new idea about how to use data and that idea hitting the BI front-end or analytics tool of your choice.

What’s your current time frame? Do you measure time-to-data in hours, days, weeks or even months? How long must you wait between recognising a need and the relevant data showing up in your data visualisation tools?

Modern architecture on the agenda

At Qlik® Qonnections 2018, TimeXtender CEO & founder, Heine Krog Iversen, will take the stage to share his insights on the benefits of a modern analytics architecture. He’ll explain how leveraging the benefits from Discovery Hub® in combination with Qlik® versatile visualisation tools lets users gain the full power of business intelligence within a governed and secure environment.

Heine always conveys a strong narrative about the journey every organisation is on, from gathering its first data and making initially static reports from data-silos, to travelling along the road towards an ‘analytics wonderland’ – the idealised, go-to place for accessing all your data and having BI and Analytics at your fingertips and ready for Advanced Analytics and AI.

Talk data

The topic of data literacy will also be on the agenda at Qlik® Qonnections 2018, with several of the speakers set to single it out as a high-value goal and the topic even making it into this year’s keynote speeches. If you are at the event, we’d say these will definitively be worth attending.

"There’s more to data and BI than just data"

Every business and organisation needs to be able to talk about their data and train their ability to clearly and concisely articulate their needs. They also need to understand which data they are looking at and where it originated from (the data about data that’s often referred to as ‘metadata’).

GDPR – another important topic to address

There’s no point trying to ignore it any longer – the demands of the impending GDPR legislation are not going to go away. After 25 May, 2018, every company will have to be able to answer questions about what data they hold, where they store it, what it’s being used for and who has access to it. 

Want to see the compliance indicator? Then have a look here!

As a BI platform vendor, we care about our customers and are eager to support you on your journey towards GDPR compliance for your BI and Analytics environment.

Indeed, we care so much about it that as homework, we assigned Heine to read through the entire law. Unless you are genuinely interested and have a lot of time on your hands, make sure you don’t get him started on the subject!

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Qlik and TimeXtender – better together

Regardless of whether your current backlog of ideas and data grows longer every day, or if you’re currently keeping up with demand, we think you’ll find some inspiration when Joseph Treadwell, Lead Solution Specialist at TimeXtender, goes live on Qonnections 2018 to show you the ropes of building a Discovery Hub® as core BI platform to support your Qlik® solution. 

Hear the breakout session Wednesday the 25th at 3:30pm - Theater A! Read more!


For those of you who won’t be attending this year’s event, simply grab a cup of your preferred beverage, sign up for our webinar, sit back and learn from the comfort of your own desk. You might not have made it to Florida this year but at least you can still get some inspiration for your future BI architecture. 

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