Perhaps you are reading this because you will soon be at this year’s Qlik Qonnections Worldwide User Conference and are eager to read up on some talking points in advance. Or maybe, like me, you are unable to attend this year but still want to stay in the loop by learning what we’ll be missing.

Qlik’s Dalton Ruer, Healthcare Senior Solution Architect, together with Joe Warbington, Director Industry Solutions, will be addressing some of the obstacles to gaining knowledge from the data your organisation has already collected.

This pair of Qlik employees will be talking about some of the methods Qlik offers to implement and guardrail your data once it is released to the organisation and made ready for self-service BI. From the agenda:

“Countless organizations spend millions of dollars storing 0’s and 1’s but are only able to obtain 10 cents worth of knowledge from it. The obstacles are not a lack of tools or a lack of qualified people but instead quite simply fear. Walk down the halls of these organizations, or perhaps your own, and you might hear folks chanting these words over and over:

“HIPAA and PHI and PII “Oh My!”

Ignoring those things can result in serious legal and financial implications. Fortunately, Qlik provides several methods to help you enforce those mandates. In this session, you will learn how to implement HIPAA, PHI, and PII guardrails to ensure your data is safe while still releasing it to the masses so that you can gain the competitive advantage contained within your data.” 

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As a Qlik partner, TimeXtender fully agrees with the need to support companies’ implementation of rules and regulations. These days, every company is consuming data and we must all expect more regulations in the coming years. Making emerging regulation a topic of conversation now will ensure that every company will start to consider it when going forward in expanding their data architecture and BI platform.

Adding GDPR to the list

GDPR is one of the newest and most invasive data regulations yet seen and it is just one month away from taking effect. As a software vendor, we want to support all of our customers as they journey towards GDPR compliance within their BI and Analytics solution.

A GDPR audit will, among other things, raise some or all of these questions:

  • Which data do you hold?
  • Where do you store it?
  • What is the data used for?
  • Who has access to the data?

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Of course, we all need to comply with the regulations. At the same time, your business or organisation also wants to use your data to benefit your business.

Ensure fast time-to-data

Since we are all part of a fast-moving world, becoming agile is a natural advantage to your company. You need data just-in-time. By choosing an architecture that stores all your business-relevant data in a one-stop BI platform, ready for strong front-ends including Qlik Sense or Qlik View, you enable your company to document your entire data flow with a single push of a button.

One place to store your security and put your governance effort. One place to store all your data, the transformations and pre-calculated measures, ready for fast and flexible use in self-service BI, Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms.

How does TimeXtender do it? We deliver by using automation to take care of tedious tasks by letting code write other code that both builds and maintains all the scripts inside your Discovery Hub. To know more about the benefits of automation, read ‘Why automation might be the missing link’

Qlik and Discovery Hub – better together

Qlik makes it easier for you to put your data to use on a daily basis by enabling more and more people to access that data. Qlik makes it easy to understand data and analysis, to grasp the concept of making data work for your business, to build great informative data visualizations and keep up with the pace of business by using neat, actionable dashboards.

TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub makes it easier for you by enabling business analysts and BI professionals, as well as IT staff, to add data simply using drag-and-drop. No SQL and SSIS knowledge required. Since no one likes writing documentation, Discovery Hub takes care of it on your behalf, automating the process so that you can keep busy doing far more interesting tasks.

Oh, by the way, if you do happen to be at Qlik Qonnections this year, several of my great colleagues will be there. Make sure to stop by the TimeXtender booth to say hi and tell them which benefits or obstacles you see relating to obtaining a future-ready BI architecture and increased automation within your company.