My Best Practices for Working From My Home Office  

Being wired and well equipped with all the productivity tools is very important as well as having a routine that works for my personal style and needs. I have been successfully working from home 50-75% of the time over the last several years, when not traveling.  I believe I am most productive without commute times from my Port Orchard home which is across Puget Sound from the city and it’s quiet and peaceful over here!  

My husband also works from home (in his own space) and we have very different environments and routines.  Mostly we keep to ourselves unless we share lunch or, of course, if there is an emergency – like we are out of coffee!  



  • get up early (5-6 am)  
  • Shower and dress comfortably  
  • Makeup and hairstyling - especially if video calls (don’t judge)  
  • Bulletproof Coffee in the important Yeti mug with lid (stays hot for 2 hours)
  • Drink water  
  • 15 minute “headspace” meditation in my easy chair  
  • Journal – gratitude and life goals – 10 mins  
  • Review daily meeting schedule  
  • 7:30 Close office door with sign posted  


Mid am break:  (10 am ish – 15 minute)  

  • Light breakfast – avocado toast or cottage cheese and fruit  
  • Drink water  
  • More coffee, put in a load of laundry or clean up dishes  

Lunch:  Schedule 30-45 mins daily time depending on schedule  

  • Typically eat leftovers that I can microwave  
  • Eat at kitchen table - not in my office  
  • Drink water  
  • Take a walk outside now or later in the day  

After my last meeting:  

  • Leave my office and only go back in if required in order to separate work from family time  
  • Go outside and walk or go to Barre class, sometimes both – need a nature fix – rain or shine!  
  • Go to bed before 9 pm  



Technology & Equipment


  • Laptop  
  • Docking Station  
  • External Monitor  
  • Monitor stand  
  • Wireless KB and mouse  
  • External web cam (logi)  
  • Color printer  
  • Hi speed internet  
  • Multiple headsets  
  • Bluetooth speaker for music  

 Furniture and Accessories:    

  • Desk with adjustable height so can stand or sit  
  • Special chair (saddle) with wheels  
  • Standing pad  
  • Plants  
  • Comfy sitting chair   
  • Candles  
  • Personal photos of vacations and art on the walls personalized  to my likes and doesn’t feel too much like an office.  I like being in my office!  
  • Floor lamp (to keep overhead light off)  
  • Adjustable blinds  

 Stay tuned for more X-People sharing their stories about working from home during the COVID-19 and we'll love to hear your stories and best practises out there as well.