VolkerWessels Bouw & Vastgoed Ontwikkeling (BVGO) is a Dutch company active in real-estate and industrial construction as well as civil engineering projects such as road, rail and telecom installations.

Just as BVGO is contracted by others to deliver its precise skill set and expertise, the company realised it needed outside specialists to help with its data management needs. In doing so, it discovered the emerging ability of machine learning to streamline and speed up data discovery.

Previously, BVGO had opted for ETL processes developed in-house to load information from Microsoft NAV to its data warehouse. This resulted in such long development times and inefficient fault resolution that it started a search for outside help that ended when Business Intelligence specialists E-mergo demonstrated Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender. By using BVGO’s own business data, E-mergo showed how this innovative data warehousing software could integrate successfully and rapidly complete complicated tasks.

Improve data quality while saving time

Discovery Hub® has a well-deserved and business-proven reputation for providing rapid task automation and E-mergo was able to use it to write automated scripts to load all of BVGO’s data into the data warehouse. Yet the execution of this script is now also continuously optimised using machine learning. Why is this so significant? Well, this move from manual to increasingly automated processes not only improves the data quality but it also adds even more time savings to an already incredibly efficient process. Moreover, the automated documentation provides useful insights into how the data is created in the data warehouse. Now BVGO can spend time on modelling instead of programming.

The full implementation of Discovery Hub® allows BVGO to work in various NAV versions. This move away from manually maintained data warehousing to automated, machine learning assisted systems delivers time savings, reduces errors and improves the quality of data warehousing. For a company like BVGO though, the biggest benefit is that it can continue to operate in the real world and on site, secure in the knowledge that its data warehousing is as safe, secure and efficient as it can be, both now and in the future.

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