Did you not get the chance to attend Qlik Qonnections 2017 this year - or did you miss the breakout session with CEO Heine Krog Iversen, Donald Farmer and Dawn Long? The following is a post by TimeXtenders CEO Heine Krog Iversen, giving you a bit of insights on what was discussed at this years Qonnections. 

Introducing one minute of silence
At Qlik Qonnections in Orlando, I had the pleasure of facilitating a debate on the success criteria for implementing a successful Data Governance strategy to support an organizations’ need for data-driven insights. In the panel was Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy LLC (Former Vice President of Innovation and Design at Qlik) and Dawn Long, Director of IT and Quality at Direct Relief.

I started the debate session with one minute of silence, the traditional opening that is an essential component of TimeXtender’s DNA and cultural belief, and one which provides recharge and helps attendees move into the present. The minute of silence was well received by the conference session attendees. In fact, several conference attendees, partners and customers approached me after the session, asking for more insight about this practice we’ve established at TimeXtender.

After the opening, Dawn Long told the story about how Direct Relief started implementing Qlik and how they then soon found out, that to succeed with its data strategy, and to deliver data insights successfully across its entire organization, Direct Relief needed Data Governance, QVD structure and IT-house cleaning beneath its Qlik Implementation. This analysis led Direct Relief to implement TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub®.

Watch we video below and listen to Dawn Long explain the implementation journey and her elaboration on the value that TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® added to Direct Relief’s Qlik Solution:

Timely insight to governed data makes it easier to help people
Listening to Dawn tell her success story is a true testament to Discovery Hub® and how an organization like Direct Relief strengthened its data discovery program to better access governed data much faster. This enabled its users to have timely insights to help strengthen its operations and its mission for helping people affected by poverty or impacted by an emergency situation.   

Dawn also shared some insights about Direct Relief’s future plans of moving to the Cloud:

'Uncertainty' - the one thing businesses can be sure to face
Donald Farmer then discussed his thoughts about the technology landscape. It’s always a pleasure to hear Donald share his perspective about where the industry is headed. He stated that one word encapsulates what the future holds and what businesses can be sure to face: “uncertainty.”  Donald reiterated that the only certain indicator that we know about with the future is that it is uncertain and we can all expect change to occur.  While it’s hard to specifically identify and predict the future with certainty, at this time, what we do know, is that companies need to have a deep understanding of two primary issues:  the Cloud and the EU GDPR. The latter will require new data management structures. 

Watch the video below and listen to what Donald had to say about the urgency that GDPR poses for businesses:  

Donald also explained that TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® is a great way to insulate a company from uncertainty, as it helps organizations get the data in the right format, ready to be analyzed, as needed, when needed. Discovery Hub® is one investment that is helping companies’ future proof their operations and to prepare for the next wave of data discovery requirements. See here for more about Discovery Hub®.

Overall, attendees left the session with a better understanding of how to implement a successful data strategy to prepare their business for the future. They also had the benefit of hearing a real-world success story from a global organization using TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® and Qlik.

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