At TimeXtender,  we have been talking a lot about the role of the modern data warehouse in the age of self service.  And we’re really excited to have an opportunity to share some of our ideas  at Qonnections, because Qlik has been a pioneer in the self-service transformation with their data discovery platform. TimeXtender democratizes the access to corporate data, enabling business users and liberating IT.

Together, TimeXtender and Qlik provide an end-to-end solution that satisfies all stakeholders and goes a long way toward ending the battle between business users and IT.  This powerful combination addresses issues around the quality and consistency of data.  It also offers faster time to value and the ability for partners to not only land deals, but also expand the size and scope of their offerings.

There’s much more to share and we will be covering this in great detail on May 2. If you are at Qonnections, join both of us along with Donald Farmer, Qlik VP of Innovation and Design, and Data Warehouse Consultant Joseph Treadwell for this informative and educational conference session.