Nordisk Film has been around for so long that it now thrives in a world that would be unrecognisable to its founders. Set up in Copenhagen in 1906, the company has been around longer than any other film studio still in business. It’s achieved this unmatched run of success by staying true to its roots and providing state-of-the-art entertainment.

Of course, back in 1906, the company did this by making black and white silent movies. These days, it distributes foreign features, operates Denmark and Norway’s leading cinema chain, distributes live event tickets and even nurtures the next generation of artistic talent through its Nordisk Film Foundation. These businesses are as relevant to audiences at the start of the 21st century as its first flickering single reel movies were to those at the start of the 20th.

A digital transformation comes with challenges
By doing so, it has the same challenges that many modern businesses face, particularly during this period of digital transformation. How do you remain up-to-date when the definition of what that means changes so quickly? How do you ensure that new systems, often installed at great expense, will meet not just today’s challenges but also those of tomorrow? How do you future-proof your business?

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When Nordisk Film wanted to use a single data platform to support their BI and analytics landscape across all of its growing portfolio, it needed something that ticked numerous boxes. Something that could report on an ever-growing volume of data. Something compatible with systems used by its parent company, Egmont. Something capable of keeping pace with the increasing demands of its modern consumer and producing time-sensitive analytics to drive rapid decision making.

Realising that it didn’t have the budget, time or expertise to create an in-house solution, Nordisk Film turned to TimeXtender, which was already working with Egmont. This business integration combined with the time- and cost-savings of implementing a ready-made, business proven system has allowed Nordisk Film to take control of its data and reporting across its financial spectrum.

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Hear how they achieved this in their own words in this case study, where Nordisk Film explain their decision-making and implementation in greater detail.