The city of Delft in the Netherlands is the birthplace of the painter Johannes Vermeer. It was also in Delft that Antonie van Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope and with it microbiology. And it is where Martinus Beijerinck discovered viruses. In keeping with these notable accomplishments, it is also the home of our 2019 and 2020 TimeXtender partner of the year E-mergo.

E-mergo was founded by Jaco Geluk and Aad van den Berg in Delft 20 years ago and has been a leading data consulting service provider ever since. E-mergo’s team of 62 employees has closed dozens of TimeXtender deals including many recognized names like Colliers International, O’Neill, and Air Traffic Control of the Netherlands.

Jaco Geluk has a terrific way of sharing the experiences he has had while building E-mergo Including:

  • On how to win business: Automation gets you into the strategy discussion
  • On building a data practice: It’s like a snowball, the beginning is tough, but once you have references, it gets much easier
  • On growing the team: Aligning the sales team on how to sell automation is essential
  • On building a winning culture: Having fun while building the team is the key to lasting relationships and success.

Naturally, E-mergo targets companies that use the Microsoft data stack and have already built or have decided to build a data warehouse. Jaco further explains that the TimeXtender automation solution gives them the ability to start with a C-level conversation about strategy. Customers with experience building and running a data warehouse without automation know how maintenance costs can rapidly consume the entire budget and push out any new strategic initiatives.

Jaco further explains that when a potential customer works to analyze their data environment for the engineering impact of a new data project, it is common to encounter hundreds of needed changes to existing code and scripts. It is even more troubling when members of the customers’ data team come up with different numbers of changes required. Confidence in the potential success of a project drops when opinions differ widely on the number of changes needed to implement it. This is why projects without automation can easily stall or fail completely.

E-mergo and TimeXtender show potential customers how automation can get them out of the dual traps of legacy code and ballooning maintenance costs.

As they have been building their winning business, E-mergo has made sure to re-invest in their people by regularly holding fun and challenging events. They are now in their tenth year running a long distance bicycle relay. Next week, 28 relay cyclists will ride 900km from Delft to visit the location of TimeXtender’s founding in Aarhus, Denmark. All together over 60 E-mergo team members will take part in this event and meet up with TimeXtender’s Denmark team for a celebration of the tremendous good will built by both companies over the past five years.

All of us at TimeXtender are proud to count E-mergo as friends and partners and are grateful to be associated with such an innovative and forward-thinking company. Together we will deploy data platform automation to enable advances in the uses of data and add to the long list of achievements credited to the people of Delft.