Push for pizza:

is a very usefull idea ... for ordering pizza. Simply because, 9 out of 10 times, we order the exact same pizza.

What about Business Intelligence? Do we also look at the same numbers over and over again? Is there room for a 'push-for-BI' approach?

Pizza intelligence?

If you tend to order the same pizza 9 times out of ten, then an app which knows your preferences, on a smartphone which knows your location makes perfect sense. The order can get dispatched to the fastest taker. Even payment can be made on our behalf.

How simple can ordering a pizza get?



So what about Business Intelligence? Would a similar Business Intelligence need get fulfilled? I believe it to be true that we do look at the same stats and KPI's a lot of the time, but 90% of the time?

Context based Business Intelligence:

Same as the pizza App, it cannot be overly difficult to come up with parameters which would influence your likely Businss Intelligence need. Things like time of month, time of day or even the weather forecast may influence the numbers we'd be most interested in.

And just like with the push-for-pizza App, location may come in handy. If I am near one of my customers, it would be likely that these customer based metrics would be of interest to me. 

I predict a bright future for the Business Intelligence front-end tool capable of delivering context based intelligence at the push of a button. And when they do, rest assured that Data Warehouse Automation will enable them to provide the relevant statistics, equally fast.

Have a great weekend!