There’s been a lot of talk about mindfulness in business. But mindfulness is about the opposite of talk. At TimeXtender, we begin our meetings with a moment of silence, a moment to connect with ourselves, with each other, and with what we are trying to achieve together. The mission we are on, helps more than our company.  It helps the customers and partners we serve. 

So this week, when I spoke at The CIO Forum in San Diego, I decided to bring that mindfulness to a broader arena.  I began my talk – not with a headline, not with a joke – but with a moment of silence.    To be honest, I felt a little nervous doing so.   Was this the right forum?  Is it the right thing to do?


I learned at dinner that my instincts were correct.  People felt the connection.   And not only that, they were very interested in learning more about our culture and our DNA as a company.  They wanted to know in detail about our moment of silence and group meditations and the training we provide to our team on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

So yes, this week, I did talk about mindfulness.  But as I said at the outset, mindfulness is not about talk.  It is about the silence.  In the future, if you come hear me speak, be prepared for the sound of silence.