Back to our Marketing Automation case. I now understand that, in order to really work with Big Data in the marketing automation context, you need to weigh a lot of options.

After the start, I likely need to implement structure and maybe think about automation.

I need integration of technical components, I need to figure out how to attract a crowd, produce interesting content, maybe invest in tooling, think about which Big Data attributes I need to work with, consult with Data Spercialists, Marketing firms and content syndicators.

Sounds like we may need to apply for a Business loan to fund the entire activity.

Maybe we’d be better of waiting?

Maybe so. You don’t want to jump ahead of things, but on the other hand – you do not want to be late in this game.

I think it all comes down to the environment you operate in. Some environments have loads of money to spend on things like real estate and huge ICT systems, most of us have to be a little more cerative. But all of us, with whatever past investment we made, found a way to get started.

The fact that you have been reading thus far, leads me to believe you may have a sincere Big Data interest. How do you usually approach new domains of interest?

How did you get started with your other Analytics projects and cases? Did you start out on your own, form a committee?

Getting started is the thing to Do.

Start by working with what you already have. Ask the marketing department which stats they already track, before investing in mass volume tracking.

Talk to peers and colleagues, visit some more websites – search for blogs on the topic. Look at what competitors may be doing.

Rest assured, with all the Big Data hype going on today – an event is likely happening in the next days or weeks, somewhere nearby.