Data Warehouse Automation makes data warehousing better, faster and cheaper. Finaly, you can get the Business Intelligence you need withour excessive costs or waiting.

Get Out There. Get Things Done. Today!

"I believe in getting Business Intelligence (BI) Projects done in small iterations – step by step – minimizing your risk and guaranteeing growth for you and your stakeholders." -Heine Krog Iversen, CEO, TimeXtender

Before we get to the advantages with Business Intelligence on a Data Warehouse Automation Platform, here's an explanation of the technical term.

Data Warehouse Automation – or simply “DWA” – gives you the advantages of data warehousing and adds a range of automation features that, in the words of The Data Warehouse Institute’s Dave Wells, makes it better, faster and cheaper.

Just like automation has helped manufacturers increase productivity, achieve better and more consistent quality and reduce the manual effort, DWA improves data warehousing.

A high performance and flexible data warehouse is important because the data warehouse is the heart of modern enterprise Business Intelligence solutions.

Users will quickly realize the benefits of implementing a data warehouse with Data Warehouse Automation: Less waiting, better reports, faster implementation of their requests and much more.

Traditional BI vs BI on a DWA platform

Now you might ask yourself; What is the difference between Traditional BI and BI build on a DWA platform?

It's quite simple.

Here's the challenges of traditional Business Intelligence projects:

  • You have to be able to predict what the business needs from your Business Intelligence solution at least 6 months in advance.
  • You have to accept that modifying a BI project is a long, tiring, and expensive process.
  • You must base business decisions on assumptions rather than facts. From our experience, this creates an obsolete solution stakeholders will hate.

And the advantages of Business Intelligence built on a Data Warehouse Automation platform:

  • Delivers results and success to stakeholders from day 1.
  • Is easy to maintain and modify as your business evolves.
  • Provides real-time figures that are accurate – every time.

The value for your business

In essence, it means that Business Intelligence build on a DWA platform enables you to rapidly deploy and modify your data warehouse by automating the process from data retrieval through data transformation to deployment and generation of project documentation.

You get:

  • A better data warehousing solution
  • Satisfied business users who see results within weeks
  • A BI solution that delivers continuous business value
  • Reduced complexity and improved consistency
  • Minimized implementation and operating costs
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency

This is all possible because the initial implementation takes place up to 5 times faster than in traditional data warehousing projects. Changes and improvements can be put into effect after the system goes live without interfering with business operations.

Moreover, a DWA platform also minimizes manual code writing and repetitive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming tasks. The system generates the code automatically, and you can implement and deploy changes immediately.