Agile Business Intelligence & The Crazy Maze of BI development. Keep your eye on the prize.


When applying Agile Development Method to Business Intelligence, one of the most difficult questions to answer may this:

Where to go from here?

As opposed to traditional deployment method, where we can hold on to the thought of a well laid out plan - built to guide us through the Maze of Business Intelligence.
Because that's exactly how the work can feel - like navigating some crazy maze. The plan we thought we had, turns out to be an illusion.

The 'Crazy Maze of Business Intelligence' has weird attributes:

  1. it has no exits, we may even get trapped in loops,
    or get stuck in a maze departement
  2. (some) of the walls are made of cardboard instead of plaster,
    so it may be possible to go through the walls instead of trying to follow the path
  3. someone keeps moving the goal,
    we need to change direction, over and over

When the original game plan has to be abandoned, two choices remain:

Do we follow a road, or we try to break through the wall?

The art of keeping on track in the crazy maze of Business Intelligence is the art of choice. Which comes with headache guarantee.

Instead of stubornly sticking to the gamplan, keeping your eye on the goal will usually guide the way.