What if you got to choose the most important Business Intelligence Skill. What if you got to choose the best team? What if you need to choose from the best team at hand?


There are too many skills and talents required to fit in a single person

Fitting all these skills  into a single person or a small team will guarantee bottlenecks and lock'in issues.

So which Business Intelligence skills should we desire? What is needed, in order to get cracking?

Let's assume we get to put together a dream-team for Businss Intelligence,
who would be on there?

Assuming budget and time is not an issue:

  • An executive sponsor, with a heart for Business, but a mind for numbers
  • A Business Analyst with loads of experience, both in Business & Business Intelligence
  • A team of source data specialists, motivated and available - freed up from other tasks
  • Business Sponsors, representing different LOB's, available and eager to participate
  • A vision on where the company is heading & what kind of Business Intelligence will help the mission to get there
  • Specialist BI skills, hired hands, but dedicated to the cause
  • Business Intelligence developers, ready to implement what is being thought up
  • Agility, the capacity to adapt to changing requirements
  • Incentive, a measure for wanting to advance in the project
    and reach the dot on the horizon
  • A truckload of pizza

Knowing that time AND budget will always be an issue:

... some questions for you to consider:

  1. Which skills do you actually have on board?
  2. What may be lacking?
  3. How could you fill those gaps?
  4. What if someone has to leave the team?
  5. How will you add people to the team later on?

There is no such thing as the most important Business Intelligence Skill.

Neither is there such a thing as the ideal & complete BI team. If you have the vision, it may be a matter of getting started,
with the best team at hand.

  • Admitedly, you will still need to put together a team.
  • Admitedly you will need to gather them around your vision.
  • Admitedly, you will need to make adjustments along the way.

But the most important part towards achieving your goals - is to get cracking.