In a truly customer-centric corporate culture, the standard competitive positioning has to be turned on its head. Why? Simply put, most software companies malign the choices their customers make when those choices don’t align fully with their particular narrative. In reality, however, what could be a more egregious instance of disrespecting your customer than constantly questioning the choices its teams make? This is the height of arrogance.
Great software platforms fundamentally respect customer choices by offering them the infrastructure to interoperate and add the elements they see fit. The great strides that companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook have made to interoperate (recently) are in stark contrast to the earlier model of lock down and compete to the death that characterized software positioning even ten years ago.
This customer-centric platform story is in fact the strength of the Discovery Hub®, the only answer to a truly agile data infrastructure that is based on deep respect for customer choices. At TimeXtender, we believe that all progressive organizations will strive in the next few years to build a secure, governed, agile and automated data infrastructure, and we created the Discovery Hub®️ precisely for this important trend.

TimeXtender's Discovery Hub® now available in the cloud
The Discovery Hub®️ is architected to support both the data-hungry business user and the backlogged IT department simultaneously; more than that is the fact that as a platform, it is agnostic to both front-end and back-end data systems.
As organizations move up the Data Infrastructure Maturity curve, the importance of a flexible and agile hub-like architecture (replacing the inefficient spaghetti-like architecture that defines the current scenario) is foregrounded.
With the Discovery Hub®️ in place, organizations can easily capitalize on the bountiful and abundant data already resident in corporate systems without creating organizational fissures and without resources wastage. The power of the Discovery Hub®️ is thus its ability to confer to the organization a smart way to utilize and benefit from what is commonly referred to as the world’s most valuable resource: data.
That’s real power.