TimeXtender was created for one fundamental reason:  Because time matters.

Industry research shows that 42% of business leaders need to make data-driven decisions within one day. TimeXtender believes business leaders should never lose time waiting for access to trustworthy data, and talented IT professionals should never waste time on tedious redundant tasks that can readily be automated. 

This is why TimeXtender developed Discovery Hub®, which leverages the power of automation to make it easier and to save time to access, model, and govern data. This means less time for corporate business users to access business insights and to make quality business decisions.  Other approaches rely on various tools and vendors for scripting, data prep and data blending. Through Discovery Hub®, you can create one agile, integrated platform. Discovery Hub® also helps reduce IT requests and backlog, saving IT tremendous time and resources.

Because Time Matters

We want to help our partners and customers to maximize time spent on what matters: data discovery and analytics, gaining new business insights and opportunities, instead of on accessing and modelling data. At the same time Discovery Hub® helps users of PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik to do analysis based on the same single version of the truth, so everybody has access to the same figures, definitions and values. No time wasted on conflicting reports.

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Mindfulness In Business

Also, at TimeXtender, mindfulness is an integral part of our corporate culture and DNA and helps us save time by building an organization with balanced people. Mindfulness empowers our organization to make quality business decisions with mind and heart and we encourage our partners and customers to do the same. Try our free online recharge.  

Today, Discovery Hub® is used by companies in 70+ countries (and growing) and is vital to an organization - Because time matters...



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