Elisabeth Salisbury is People & Process Specialist and '7 Habits of highly Effective People' facilitator at TimeXtender and gives you insight in how coming together, for the common good of our team, creates magic and gives you the ultimate Win-Win atmosphere!


Intention is an undervalued key tool when we talk about mindfulness in business. Without understanding intention, we are just full of ideas, emotions, thoughts and diverse backgrounds. But we can come together, for the common good of our team and our organization, that is when magic happens. 

The Ultimate Win-Win

For me, working together and making the right decision for what is right, is the ultimate Win-Win. It’s about you being your best and the team being their best; working for the common goal, and helping the team succeed as a whole.  What really makes success happen in a team, is when everyone shares a mutual understanding that what is said, is said with the best of intent.  

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Understanding intention, leads us to a high trust work environment. From this, respect naturally blossoms and grows into highly efficient employees and teams. It’s a healthy cycle that we encourage here at TimeXtender, and keeps us focused on the vision and purpose for what unites us as whole.

If everyone could think with this frame of mind, what would the world be like?...

Do you want to work on your intention and focus through basic mindfulness in business techniques? We invite you til sign up for our free weekly online Recharge sessions with mindfulness and '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' facilitator, Jamie Mathis. 

We are a software company and the mindful recharge sessions started as an internal weekly class. However, our intention is to give our business network the same opportunity as we have to learn efficient mental tools to stand stronger in business and in life.

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We wish you and your team a happy New Year with lots of win-wins.

Because Time Matters, we engage fully charged...