You get an idea for a genius report.

Only one hour before a crucial board meeting (or worse during the meeting).

A report so convincing that it could change the entire outcome of the meeting.

Tangible proof that your hunch about sales person number 5 is actually true (and that he should have been put to question a long time ago).

Or a report covering distribution across a specific product line showing that you should stop purchasing certain products immediately because they do not meet current market demands and trends.

Or something even more critical...

With TimeXtender’s Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) it is possible to get your immediate questions answered - and the reports you need created. In minutes. Just the way you want it - whenever and whereever you need it!

With the drag and drop function you can customize the exact reports and facts for decision making you dream of.

Getting better and faster BI is easy – whether you choose to manage your BI tasks in-house or choose to outsource the job to a TimeXtender implementation partner - it’s faster to implement and documented at least 5x faster than similar hand-coded BI solutions.

“In TimeXtender's Data Warehouse Automation Software, we found the perfect complement to our BI solution. It’s a particularly user friendly tool, allowing anyone, even without technical skills, to build the data set he needs using ‘drag & drop’. And without having to rely on the ICT department. Before, it took us three days to build a new BI report, now we fix the job in only 45 minutes. We can say without hesitation that TimeXtender saves us 80% in time.”
- Frederic De Meyer, Market Intelligence Manager, Cisco Europe.

Maybe you recognize yourself in the TimeXtender cartoon below about CFO, Alex Payne.

But take a look and find out how TimeXtender's Data Warehouse Automation Platform can help you overcome your pains: