For the past decade, my spring business calendar has been punctuated by Qlik’s major user event, Qonnections. For many years, I had the privilege of being the Executive Sponsor of the event. Later in my Qlik career, I was an active participant. And now this year, I am looking forward to attending in a new capacity as a representative of a Qlik technology partner.

Qlik has always been a very distinctive company, not only technically innovative but also possessed of a very distinct culture and style. Great emphasis has been placed on the letter Q in Qlik and on the particular hue of green, which has even been called “Qlik green.” And both have been heavily leveraged at Qonnections, including of course in the event name itself.

Qonnections has come a long way since its inception. My first Qonnections was just outside Amsterdam back in 2007. The main stage events were held in a marquee (an event tent), which on more than on occasion looked likely to blow away into the North Sea! But this year, Qonnections will be held at The Gaylord Palms in Orlando, which I believe has a much more stable roof.

Originally, portraying Qlik’s big focus on working with third parties, Qonnections was a partner-only event. More recently, Qlik opened the event to end users as well. But to both audiences, the emphasis has been on enablement, with attendees learning from Qlik and members of the Qlik ecosystem regarding how best to leverage Qlik software and services.

For some years now, there has been an exhibition hall where Qlik partners have demonstrated offerings that compliment Qlik software. As the Qlik world has grown, so have the number of exhibitors. Many of these companies have also been pleased to sponsor the event. TimeXtender, with its innovative Discovery Hub® offering, is both an exhibitor and sponsor in 2017.

The parallels between TimeXtender and Qlik are clear: both have their origins in Scandinavia; both have disruptive software; both have a distinct culture with a close tie to a letter, which in TimeXtender’s case is “X.” So soon, it will be time to pack my bags and fly to the USA for an event that is consistently rated as one of the software industry’s best run. It will soon be time to meet up with Q once again, time for the X to meet the Q.