Legend has it that ships and planes can just disappear in a patch of the Atlantic ocean adjacent to the southeast United States called the Bermuda Triangle.  It makes for good stories around the campfire, and fortunately the notoriety doesn’t seem to bother the fine people of Bermuda very much.  Maybe they are too busy making and spending the world’s 4th highest GDP per capita, and can’t take the time to get the name changed to the Miami triangle or the Puerto Rico triangle. 

The 181 islands of Bermuda are located 665 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.  Bermuda has no income tax and fewer business regulations than most countries, therefore attracting over 400 insurance and finance firms to locate there.  Clearly more than are needed by a country with a population of 71,176. 

Last week we teamed up with our partner Bespoke Analytics and the Microsoft Azure team in the Caribbean Region to host a half day event where Bermudan customers could learn more about Discovery Hub, Microsoft Azure, and Bespoke Analytics’ consulting services.  Even if it hadn’t rained 13 inches in Seattle in January, we still would have jumped at the chance to work with Bespoke and Microsoft in Hamilton Bermuda – where it always seems to be 72 degrees and sunny!

Once on the island, we were delighted to host 30 data enthusiasts from the insurance, government and finance sectors at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.  In a half-day session, we discussed TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub data management platform, Bespoke Analytics deep experience and expertise, and Microsoft’s Azure Synapse and other database technologies.

Microsoft gave a sweeping presentation introducing Azure Synapse and the database technologies they can deliver on demand.  There are many components in the modern data estate and knowing that Microsoft can spin each one up quickly and operate at scale is fundamental to a successful project.  Customers need to know that when they standardize on a vendor’s technology their investment of time and money will be rewarded with industry leading capabilities and world class support. 

TimeXtender’s presentation and demonstration showed how our Discovery Hub data management platform orchestrates and automates the preparation of data at every step on the journey to a modern data warehouse.  Discovery Hub serves up fully prepared data for business intelligence, automated intelligence or machine learning uses and does so ten times faster in a no code, drag and drop environment.  All while offering governance and compliance capabilities and automatically generated documentation.

Bespoke Analytics’ presentation walked the attending executives, engineers and business users through their methodology for delivering successful projects built on TimeXtender and Microsoft technologies.  They compared the time required to manage data infrastructure manually to the time required using Discovery Hub’s automation.  There is no substitute for real world experience making promises and delivering on them.

Just as the Bermuda Triangle needs each of its three corners to exist, the Microsoft – TimeXtender – Bespoke Analytics triangle brought together the technologies and expertise a company needs to build and deploy a modern data estate.

All of us at TimeXtender would be happy to bring this show to your region.  Please contact us to suggest our next stop.  We are not adverse to travel and are not easily swayed by local legends!