TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 1


Welcome to TimeXtender Tuesday (TxT)! Our goal for TxT is to provide short technical, how-to videos about TimeXtender and the data platforms we support using live events for the initial recording. Here you'll find information about using TimeXtender to the fullest - in easily digestible bites. 

Our first TxT session was about creating a TimeXtender application server in Microsoft Azure. 

You can follow along to create a TimeXtender app server, but you'll need a couple things first:

  1. An Azure account and permissions to create resources on it.
  2. A TimeXtender license key (talk to your TimeXtender authorized partner or request a trial license here)
  3. Access to the TimeXtender Portal (you setup an account when requesting a trial license)

You can also find TimeXtender Training at learn.timextender.com.


For more details on how to create TimeXtender application service in Azure, read this article on our support site.