It’s hard to believe but it’s been 6 years since the Late Show with David Letterman last aired on television. Time certainly does fly by, especially when trying to manage all of your corporate data “the old-fashioned way.”

One of the mainstays of the Letterman show -- and to a certain degree, pop culture -- was the Top 10 list. We thought we’d take this opportunity to do our own Top 10 list:  the top 10 reasons why organizations and businesses should consider TimeXtender technology.

TimeXtender core purpose is to empower the world with data, mind and heart.  We do this for one simple reason: because time matters. From our list below, you’ll see how our technology helps you save time in business -- and lots of it.  

Without further ado, our Top 10:

  1. Features. We’ve taken great measures with our research and development to design and update our technology over the years. What we offer is one of the industry’s fastest, most advanced and innovative technologies for building, deploying and managing modern data estates.
  2. Speed. Our company delivers the fastest way to build a modern data estate for analytics and AI, since data is prepared and managed without writing code. Inherit in our name, TimeXtender, is time savings, and the company means what it says when it comes to saving time through speed and acceleration. This leads to instant access to data for your business users, and translates into saving hours and money so that you can invest your resources in more strategic, game-changing initiatives.
  3. Automation. We’re proud to say that we are a true, technology innovator in leveraging the power of automation. At the heart of TimeXtender technology, is our powerful automation engine that automates and speeds up the process of getting documented data in the right place, in the right form, and ready for analysis.
  4. Experience. With 14 years of experience, we have more than 3,000 implementations across multiple vertical industries and geographic regions, spanning six continents and 95 countries – that’s 3,000+ customers saving time.
  5. Consolidation. Our technology simplifies the data prep process. One way is by moving you from using a patchwork of tools to a single, complete data management platform that provides seamless, tight integration for building, deploying and managing your corporate data estate.
  6. Connections. TimeXtender technology quickly connects to almost any data source, allowing you to catalog, move, transform and document your analytics data without a hitch.
  7. Compliance. We automatically (i.e. swiftly) document your analytics data for compliance with ease, by providing automated documentation, traceability, security, aggregation and full-version control.
  8. Partners. With 180+ global partners situated in the field, we serve our customers with a time-honored commitment and offer nearby implementation and support. Our partners are experts in the field of data management and analytics and regularly certify their consultants in Microsoft and TimeXtender technologies. 
  9. Microsoft. Given our compatibility with Microsoft technologies, organizations and businesses can rapidly build, deploy and manage their modern data estate on Microsoft data platforms. As a long-time Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner, we make it easy for companies to make their data available and their data platform suitable for their needs and preferences; such as on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. 

And our tenth reason why you should consider TimeXtender technology to modernize your corporate data estate…. credibility.

  1. Credibility. Numerous media and analyst reports have evaluated, discussed, and written about our TimeXtender technology, business dealings and industry standing for many years. Discover more here about how we help companies stay “right” on time.

That concludes our Top 10 list for today, but there’s plenty more reasons for you to consider TimeXtender technology. To explore further, visit our website at Thank you for tuning in.

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