Building a data warehouse with TX2014 is already much faster than the alternative: coding the entire solution “by hand”.

With TX2014 SR2, the advantage just got even bigger with features that enable the data warehouse builder to do more in TX2014 – and do it faster.

  • Get an Overview with Project Perspectives
  • Have It Your Way with Custom Code
  • Easier Migration with External Tables
  • Less Waiting with the Execution Queue
  • Better table browsing with the Query Tool

But TX2014 SR2 is much more than just the headline features.

The new release also comes with new application adapters to simplify connecting to the ERP systems Movex/M3 and Agresso.

In addition to that, better data lineage and impact analysis, more comprehensive logging, junk dimension automation, consolidation of table settings and many other improvements makes the advantage of using TX2014 SR2 bigger than ever before.

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External Tables