Sometimes we develop a feature that turns out to help people in ways we did not expect. 

When developing features for our users we try to make it as easy for the user to understand what it does.

This is of cause a good thing - but sometimes it also limits the use of a feature.

Let me describe an example where the feature description might limit the potential of the feature.

The feature ‘Add Related Records’ is more or less described to be used for late arriving dimensions, but what if all dimensions are late arriving.

This is of cause handled by the feature, but then we have a completely new feature also known as a junk dimension.

All you need to do is add a custom hash key on the fact table that contains the dimension values you want in your junk dimension.

Add a custom table for which can hold the dimension values and the custom hash key created on the fact table.

Use the’ Add Related Records’ feature on the table.

Set the Record Condition to ‘Not Exist’.

Set the destination table to ‘RAW’.

Map the fields together and add a condition setting the fact table hash key equal to the dimension table field that holds the fact hash key.

This has let me to think that there could be other features that could solve problems that was not intended to solve.

Please let us know.

Send a mail to and use ‘Unintended use of feature’ in the subject.