TimeXtender employees are curious by nature. Most of us enjoy listening to and discussing ideas, testing out new products, and exploring innovate technology.  And of course, we all have a passion for concepts, trends, and modern advancements about Data-related technologies.

Given that curiosity, we’re excited to be a part of this year’s Venture Cup, and we’re eager to see who will win the competition of the Venture Cup Challenge.

Find out more here in this short video about the Venture Cup 2017 Challenge.

Our collaboration with the Venture Cup started in January this year. Since that time, we’ve accomplished quite a bit and have participated in several joint events. These events, between TimeXtender and Venture Cup, have enabled both parties to put together their synergies and work towards building a bigger, more sustainable network of young startups in Denmark.  

During our involvement, we’ve worked together to help create a great momentum boost to foster new ideas and to provide an opportunity to promote some of the most promising, high-growth teams in support of one of our most important corporate initiatives: “Because time Matters.”

TimeXtender also takes great pride in providing sponsorship and contribution to the “Startup Booster” prize within one of the Venture Cup sectors: “Web and Mobile.” We’re excited to say that this Wednesday, June 21, we’ll announce the winner in this category. Regardless of the final results, we all leave as “learners” and will take home a great experience to always look back on. 

So stay tuned to get to know how all the participants did and to hear the final results and category winners. And please feel free to help us congratulate the amazing team of entrepreneurs who have worked so very hard and who participated in this wonderful event.