Ayla Marina Lundorff is the Global Partner Enablement Manager at TimeXtender and shares her view on working in a company where time matters both personally and professionally.

Time is the single most precious commodity – If you had the choice of buying more time, would you? Well, that’s not really a question to answer, since its not an option to buy more time. We all have the same amount of time, but how we choose to use it is paramount. 

When I do something, I never do it halfway, but always full-on. This is especially true in my work at TimeXtender, where I'm 100% dedicated and committed to what I do. But also at home, when renovating my house or in other projects I take on, I see the same pattern.  

So, for me it's a real privilege to work at TimeXtender, where part of the corporate culture is teaching all employees how to balance work and everyday life Through the use of different tools, we learn to minimize stress, make better decisions and focus our efforts. These tools are useful for me both in my working and private life. 

The Toolbox 

We learn and practice The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, we have a mindfulness session every week and we start our meetings with one minute of silence to recharge and focus.  

As a Partner Alliance Manager at TimeXtender, a global software vendor, I have a busy day. I travel a lot to meet all my partners, and when at the office, I have many meetings – just like everybody else. With our software, we help companies build a data-driven organization where they can make decisions based on data so they dont have to spend time guessing. Our product is created because time matters.  

But the company also realizes that time matters to me. They have taught me that there is a direct connection between how we manage our time and how much time we have available to spend. From overscheduled calendars and white boarding sessions gone wild, to embracing the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and recharging, for me it’s important to find the balance. It's okay to be busy if you have some good tools to maintain balance and remember to recharge yourself. My toolbox has become quite full since I started at TimeXtender. 

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Sharing the tools 

I create many relationships with different people in my job and one of my greatest motivators is seeing partners grasp the TimeXtender vision and how to balance life. We introduce our culture by telling them about effective habits, recharging and presenting a one-minute hourglass as a gift. Watching these partners develop their skills is a huge driver for me – their success is my success. 

As humans, we are all different and have different priorities in our lives. I prioritize my work at TimeXtender. There’s the risk that work can take over your life, but I’m ambitious and make the conscious choice to seek balance even when work and leisure occasionally flow together as one. 

My Corporate and Personal DNA 

The seven good habits have  been especially helpful for me during the renovation of my home – forcing me to constantly focus on doing ”first things first”. Practicing the seven good habits has helped me broaden my views and maintain balance even with a hectic schedule and the disruption of home renovation. TimeXtender is more than work for me – it has become an integral part of my lifestyle. 

I find great joy in my work and I welcome the constant challenge. At the same time, I am convinced that I can always develop and learn new things, and that is what gives me energy and is the driving force in my work at TimeXtender. It's a privilege for me to work at TimeXtender, and I'm looking forward to even more challenges in this dynamic business where product and DNA are united and where time matters. 

I am happy to see that more and more organizations take a similar approach to their employees well-being by helping them with tools to balance their lives.  

We all have the same amount of time. But because time matters, it’s paramount how we choose to use it.