We work in all of them. Now let me explain.


We are a data-focused solution provider. We approach Business Intelligence as a jack of all trades and master of, well …. our specialized trade, DATA. A trade that these days is becoming an integral part every business.

We claim expertise across a number of industries without specializing in consumer goods, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals or legal because our specialty is data? It is the questions we are willing to ask about the "so-called" obvious in any industry that let us claim this. Without the so-called “industry expert” label on our back we ask questions others cannot. And that leads to lots.

Every company has an "accounting" department. And although you may not justify having a department dedicated to it, every company can benefit from a "data" focused set of people too. And we aim to fill and support our customer’s capabilities to do just that. Data people find the trends, deficiencies and inefficiencies in process and cost and have a path to those responsible for fixing them. We aim in all industries to ignite this greater “use of data” as it has profound effects. We put data and real information at people's fingertips and this changes behavior for the better.

We've had success in finding things customers were immune from even asking about in the first place. In one case we asked why people can’t be on time to do something simple, a routine part of their job, 98% of the time, with the added benefit of having just come off a 15 minute break. There was proof of this embarrassing fact in the numbers that our systems identified and some simple tools were created using that data helped correct the problem in short order. That 98% on time mark got achieved up from a 68% starting point. We made the situation visible, held people accountable, and the results changed.

Ask questions, find the data to back it up, and help it change going forward. That’s our approach.

We like to introduce new sources of information so you can operate with more knowledge of what's really happening. We are not a source of conflicting approach on running your business, we are additional information that you should consider. Our small footprint with customers enables us to act quickly and allow them to scale those benefits many times over in savings, productivity and efficiency in their organizations.

Operating with data in mind, rather than the accepted way of doing things or based on “gut feel” allows us to work across industries without hesitation. And this becomes an advantage when trying to figure better ways to operate.

Image Credit: Georgie Pauwels